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Our Story

Grounded in tailoring tradition since 1983, Joe’s Tailoring is proud to serve every stage of your sartorial journey. We began building our workshop and cultivating our craft with local cutters and tailors who have been with us since the start.
Today, we are a family-owned and operated bespoke tailoring house, priding ourselves in creating suits centred on handwork and craftsmanship. Together with our experienced craftsmen, we believe every garment from Joe’s Tailoring bears the defining elements of Joe’s long-standing philosophy — comfort, fit and quality.

Our Service

From freshly initiated bespoke first-timers to returning supporters accustomed to our workmanship, we are committed to clients who believe in our work. Service begins before your first consultation, and continues long after you collect your completed garments. In addition, our complimentary after-sales service ensures every piece from Joe’s Tailoring is maintained to the highest standards. With Joe’s, your sartorial needs are always under our care.