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Bespoke Baner


Our Bespoke Process

Since 1983, our mission has been to deliver the best bespoke experience to our clients from around the world
Our experienced artisans are dedicated to making individualized garments that can stand the test of time


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Your bespoke journey begins the moment you step through our doors. Marrying modern technology with timeless tailoring tradition, we’ve optimised the bespoke experience for today’s discerning customer.

Turn ideas into reality by conceptualising your design with our touchscreens — visually communicating your desired design to our experienced craftsmen with no need for tailoring knowledge.

Conversations on Style


Conversations on Style

Your garment should feel like an extension of yourself. Before any measurements are made, we get to know you. We’ll have a conversation about your lifestyle, tastes and preferences before discussing fabrics, linings and bespoke styles that best complements you.

All of this goes into crafting something that is exclusively yours and exudes confidence the moment you put it on.


Taking Measurements

The groundwork for your bespoke piece starts with over 15 measurements. Our tailors have trained eyes to hone in on the individual traits of your body and assess your posture. Envisioning and subtly adjusting the cut to flatter your overall physique.

After your measurements are taken, they are translated into a paper pattern which will be the basis for future orders.

First Fitting


First Fitting

Your first fitting is the first draft of the garment. The coat-maker canvasses your suit by hand before our cutter assesses how it looks on you. No detail is spared. We take note of how it fits on you, how it hangs when you’re still and how it moves with you.

After the first fitting, our cutter marks changes needed to improve the silhouette, balance and fit. The fitting garment is then taken apart and adjustments are recut for the second fitting.



Your bespoke suit is normally complete at two fittings, but we will gladly make arrangements for further fittings if required.

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